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The illustration of The secret of Google’s SEO.

In most people mindset and understanding, the Generic Top Level Domains(gTLD) is global domain and should appear in Google’s Global Search Result.
(The core group of generic top-level domains consists of the com, info, net, and org domains)

However, that is not true. Even if you own a gTLD domain website and has a best SEO web structure and sadly your site will still not be appear Globally in google search. (People that typically use

According to Susan, Google looks at few signals to determine where a site was located and what particular region belonged to.

  • 1. The server location of the website.
  • 2. The Top Level Domain (TLD).

So it will be a big problem when the website is hosted not within International Location/Country, US but hosted in other country.

For example, is a  gTLD domain and was hosted in Malaysia and the main purpose of the site was targeted Globally.

With those signals of Hosting location (Malaysia) that Google would not included in the targeted Globally for someone using “” to do searching for WordPress Template Theme Services. The search will be only appear in “” or Local Search List, Malaysia.

I was cracking my head why my site’s traffic flow was so thin and almost nothing. After gone through this hard time, stress and disappointment.

I was nearly give up all these website thing and huge effort. Fortunately, my desire and anger was strong that keep to go on after failures and failures.

So I did some study of other popular gTLD domain website and I have found the secret of the Google SEO.

Let’s take as example.

Have you wonder, why is always show in 1st page of google search? will be showed in google search 1st page with generic keyword “wordpress theme”, “wordpres event theme” and keywords with “wordpress” which regardless you use,, and so on to do searching.

The reason which is hosted in US that recognise and give the Google signal to index the page and appear globally.

It’s really matter where you host your website and please don’t host somewhere other than US just because it’s cheap and so on. It would be a great pain and heart broken when you spend so much time and invested your hard-earned money to build a website in the end with “Zero Result/Return“.

To avoid mistake, the simple way is follow the successor and thing has been proven.

Let’s find out and follow the did:

Server Location: US

Domain Registered On:


Therefore i recommend you for your web hosting. It’s a good SEO web hosting solution that i have found.

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For Country-Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) such as .us, .fr or .my

If you are using ccTLD then you will not able target your audience globally and it will automatically geo targeted by Google to be localise. A domain will automatically be set up to appear in the UK local search. (


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